about_pictureBorn into a musical family, Alex Loskutov began his musical studies with his father when he began to play the violin at six. Several years later, he accompanied his father to the workshop of a local luthier and was immediately captivated by the creative and peaceful atmosphere where instruments were constructed. After this fateful introduction to the scents and sights of varnishes, oils, beautiful instruments, and aged wood, Alex’s fascination turned into an apprenticeship. He visited the workshop weekly and began learning the basics of woodworking and the art of violinmaking.

After graduating from conservatory, he pursued his career as a professional violinist. Even so, he never lost sight of becoming a luthier. In 2002, Alex enrolled in the world-renowned Civica Scuola di Liuteria di Milano in Italy where he graduated as a Master Luthier under the guidance of Maestros Luca Primon, Gabriele Negri, Marco Imer Piccinotti, and Carlo Chiesa. During his study in Milan, he attended many important seminars: instrument setup and sound adjustment by Guy Rabut, restoration and varnish retouch by Hans Nebel, and varnish antiquing techniques by Samuel Zygmuntowicz.

While studying in Milan, Alex was invited to work under the guidance of internationally renowned luthier, Mathijs A. Heyligers, in Cremona, Italy. During that time, he had the privilege to work and study with many of the finest instruments available as well as the opportunity to refine his restoration and construction techniques.




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Throughout my studies and personal work experience, I developed my own creative approach to instrument making. Each instrument is precise and unique in form and sound, utilizing the classical construction of the Italian method and combining both antique and contemporary styling. My instruments undergo meticulous sound testing and adjustments before reaching the musician’s hands. Each instrument is precisely set up and maintained for optimum playability and tone. I select only the finest quality wood available to pursue the finest sound and highest aesthetic for each instrument.

Inspired by the great Italian masters such as Amati, Gasparo da Salò, Antonio Stradivari, Giuseppe Guarneri del Gesù, and many others, I use ancient recipes and historically available materials to enhance the acoustical structure of each instrument’s natural voice. I strive to create high-quality contemporary instruments with a delicate and antique touch. My performance career and experience as a professional violinist allow me to deeply understand the qualities and requirements of a fine instrument from a musician’s perspective. As a luthier, I combine my knowledge of music, art, science, and woodworking to create a string instrument’s warm, rich, and powerful sound. My art is a constant study and exploration that inspires and propels me towards perfection.